Every 12 months/20,000km:

Brake service: $268.00+HST
Your electric vehicle has the added benefit of regenerative braking, in which the vehicle it's electric motor to slow the vehicle down instead of the conventional mechanical brakes, which in turn charges the battery. While this is much more efficient than mechanical brakes, it can lead to the mechanical brakes being used less often. This allows the pads and rotors to be more susceptible to corrosion than a conventional vehicle. If the pads become seized, it can lead to excessive wear, poor braking performance, and dragging which reduces range. We recommend a full disassembly, cleaning and lubrication of the pads and calipers once a year or every 20,000km to ensure your vehicle is always at peak operating performance.

Wheel Alignment Check and Adjustment if needed: $193.50+HST
A vehicle's wheel alignment is one of the most neglected forms of vehicle maintenance. It's no secret that the roads we drive our vehicles on are not always in the best condition. Potholes, speed bumps and curbs can cause a vehicle's wheel alignment to become out of specification even when the driver takes the most care possible. An alignment which is out of spec can cause excessive wear on tires and suspension components and with electric vehicles, it can even affect the vehicle's range. To get the most life out of your tires, suspension and each charge, we recommend having your electric vehicle's alignment checked, and adjusted every year or every 20,000km.

Cabin Filter Replacement: $40-$80+HST
Your vehicle's cabin filter ensures the air entering the cabin through the heating and air conditioning system is clean. When the cabin filter becomes full of pollen dust and debris from the environment, it can restrict air flow into the HVAC system. This causes the blower motor to work harder and consume more energy to achieve a comfortable cabin temperature. Many EV drivers are familiar with just how much HVAC usage can affect a vehicle's range, and because of this we recommend changing your vehicle's cabin filter every year or 20,000km to keep your HVAc system working efficiently.

Tire Rotation: $64.50+HST
Due to the extra torque that most EV's have when compared to ICE vehicles, sometimes excessive tire wear can occur on powered axles when the vehicles are driven in a spirited manner. This is most noticeable on rear-wheel drive vehicles. We recommend rotating the tires at least once a year or every 20,000km or mid-way through the season if your vehicle has winter and summer tires.

Every 24 months/40,000km:

Brake Fluid Flush: $154.80
Brake fluid by nature absorbs moisture from the air, and over time can become saturated with moisture. This can cause reduced braking performance during periods of hard braking. In addition to moisture, brake fluid becomes dirty over time and the sediments and impurities in the fluid can damage seals and components. We recommend replacing the brake fluid in your vehicle every two years or 40,000km.

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