2023 Surron Storm Bee * OVER $6,000 OFF !!! *

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2023 Surron Light Bee X

 With 22.5 kW of electric power in a full-size package, the Storm Bee is for savvy off-road riders ready to make the shift from gas-powered engines. Imagine no more oil changes, no spilled gas, no top-end rebuilds... and no noise. Just plug in, charge up, and ride. The lack of emissions and noise will keep the neighbours happy; the performance will keep you happy.


⚡ Powerful 104V/55Ah battery (upgraded from 90V/48Ah pre-production version)

⚡️22.5kW of peak power/520 Nm peak torque

⚡️3 riding modes, traction control, regen braking system

⚡️Turbo mode, reverse gear

⚡️Max range of 120 km, 3-4 hr. recharge time

⚡Switchable headlight & number plate included

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2023 Surron Storm Bee


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