2024 Surron Ultra Bee

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2023 Surron Ultra Bee

🔥The 2024 Surron Ultra Bee's have landed🔥

Featuring a 74V/55Ah lithium ion battery and weighing just 187 lbs (85 kg), the Ultra Bee is an exciting new electric dirt bike from Surron, makers of the popular Light Bee X.

Key features:

⚡️12.5kW peak power (more than double the Light Bee X)

⚡️Max range of 87 miles (140 km) at 25 mph (40 km/h)

⚡️56 mph (90 km/h) top speed

⚡️0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 2.3 seconds

⚡️3 riding modes (Eco, Daily, Sport)

⚡️Traction control, regenerative braking, adjustable throttle sensitivity

⚡️4-hour charge time via conventional 120V wall outlet

Inspired by its successful predecessors, Surron's new Ultra Bee takes electric performance to a whole new level. Surron's latest powertrain system is at the heart of this mid-sized powerhouse. The newly-designed platform delivers precision lightweight handling, smooth power output, and integrates Surron's refined off-road traction control system (SRTC) to help conquer obstacles on your ride.

A refined, race-inspired braking system will boost stopping power on the trails, while the unique TR rear suspension and new front suspension will inspire you to go faster, jump farther and ride with confidence.

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2023 Surron Ultra Bee


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