Model 3 Rear Knuckle RH 1044416-00-G

Sale price$375.00 Regular price$415.00


-Direct OEM factory fit replacement for: Right Rear Knuckle Assembly Tesla Model 3 2018-2023

-Replacement for OEM Part Numbers: 1044416-00-G, 1044416-00-F

-High quality construction and fit: Designed to outlast the factory equipped parts while retaining precise fitment and alignment specifications

-EV's are all we do! We don't just sell parts, we have a repair facility where we install these same parts and provide a full range of EV services. We only sell parts that we have tested rigorously on our own vehicles!

-Ensure this part is right for your vehicle! Please contact us and provide your VIN to confirm fitment before ordering.

Worn or loose suspension components can negatively affect your vehicle's range and tire longevity long before they become a safety issue. When a suspension component wears, it can no longer maintain the correct location and angle of the wheel. This causes the tires to wear unevenly and requires the drive motors to work harder to propel your vehicle down the road, eating up your range! 

Ensure your vehicle's suspension is regularly inspected by a trained professional and quality components are installed when needed to keep your Tesla riding right!


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